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Friday, January 19, 2018

A multi disciplinary consulting group, team of professional consultants with valuable experience in field of strategy, operations, knowledge management, performance management, market research, marketing and branding.

We have been successfully dlievered more than 100 projects since 2013 and recently offering up to date, sophisticated analysis & reports of Iran market for many business sectors including automotive, FMCG, agriculture, energy, banking and insurance and etc. including market key data and trends, financial analysis, statistics, key players and market forecast which are vital part of international enterprises supposed to enter Iran market.


Our International Partners: 

EC21 : 

Among largest consulting firms in South Korea offering B2B solutions and Market Reseach consultancy (

RNR Datalex 

India's leading IT solution provider, ERP systems development and Business Inteligence service provider (




Thefore we are dedicated to support international enterprises want to invest or enter Iran market meanwhile enhancing and improving local customers to extend their market in overseas.

- Management Consulting 

- Tax & Legal Advisory | Business Law

- Accounting & Financial Advisory 

- Market Research 

- Due Diligence | Entery Strategy 

- Marketing & Advertising 

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Homasa is recently achieved to be the official representative and part of global network of EC21 Inc. partners (South Korea) providing in house market research services and managed to deliver several reports on Iran business enviroment. 

About EC21

In the past years, EC21 has grown alongside Korean overseas trade. It has been rewarding to contribute to the overseas expansion of Korean companies. Current global business environment is changing faster than ever. The world is moving on to a new stage – the fourth industrial revolution, driven by new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. The success model of the past will no longer guarantee future success. EC21 is committed to provide the best solutions that support sustainable business.
Content curation through Big Data Analysis
every day, we create massive amounts of data, but it has become more difficult for companies to analyse and sort information needed for business. EC21 offers big data analysis tools and methodologies allowing companies to analyse and sort data in a timely manner.
Export Consulting
EC21 has been building international marketing and export consulting experience accumulated over many years. Our consultants offer the most efficient solutions to overseas customers based on systematic marketing tools.
The global market is changing at a faster pace. Companies face
fiercer competition overseas. As a leading export consulting company, EC21 will continue to provide the best export consulting services to our clients.

Scope of Services

  • Assigning a Product Consultant
  • Evaluation of export potential via client-company and product analysis
  • Identification of potential market based on size and business environment assessment
  • Local Consumer and Buyer Behavior Research
  • Identifying Target Market
  • Promotion and Sales Activities