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Friday, January 19, 2018


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Retail is the process of selling consumer goods and/or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. Demand is created through diverse target markets and promotional tactics, satisfying consumers' wants and needs through a lean supply chain.

Types by products

- Food products — typically require cold storage facilities.

- Hard goods or durable goods ("hardline retailers") — automobiles, appliances, electronics, furniture, sporting goods, lumber, etc., and parts for them. Goods that do not quickly wear out and provide utility over time.

- Soft goods or consumables— clothing, other fabrics, footwear, cosmetics, medicines and stationery. Goods that are consumed after one use or have a limited period (typically under three years) in which you may use them.

- Arts — Contemporary art galleries, Bookstores, Handicrafts, Musical instruments, Gift shops, and supplies for them.

Retail Industry in Iran

At present the Iranian retail industry is largely in the hands of cooperatives, many of them government-sponsored, and of independent retailers in the bazaars. The bulk of food sales occur at street markets, where the Chief Statistics Bureau sets the prices.

Iran has 438,478 small grocery retailers (According to Euromonitor 2015). These are especially popular in cities other than Tehran where the number of hypermarkets and supermarkets is still very limited. More mini-markets and supermarkets are emerging, but these are mostly one-off, independently owned operations. The most significant chains are the state-owned EtkaRefahShahrvand and Carrefour-owned Hyperstar Market, all of which are gearing up for expansion. Migros Turk has also announced that it intends to invest in Iran's lucrative retail market. Recently it can be seen a gap in new retailing methods where one may see Many investment opportunities emerg for E-Market and online shopping. At the same a big growth and competion in Shopping Malls and Retail stores is estemated for post sanctions' lift period (approx. 2016~2020) 

What can we do for you  ?

Homasa Consulting Group provides a wide range of database and market information together with highly reliable analysis, meanwhile for new comers and companies who are going to invest in Iran market for retail industry we provide industry specific support like feasiblity study, legal requirments, certification, registration and etc. services. 



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