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Friday, January 19, 2018


Homasa Consulting Group was established in 1363 in order to design and control the projects of transportation and gradually turned into as one of the most capable consultant companies to provide and present exclusive and applicable solutions in all technical fields, system development, and management of transportation industry.

HCG is pioneer in applying the modern technologies and advanced software design (GIS, GPS stations, RS) in the fields of technical, engineering and management (managerial) services in the country of Iran.
HCG, by applying more than 200 experienced experts and receiving the 9001 standard ISO from the German company RWTUV as the main and reliable consultant of Iran ministry of road and transportation, has signed more than 350 contracts up to now, in order to present engineering and technical services in the fields of design, study, supervision, and management of transportation projects, including: substructure, superstructure, fleet utilization, electrical signs, and communications, supervision, economical & technical justification, factors, hydrology and geology, and also has assigned other contracts in other fields such as many rail, road, air force and navy projects.

Today HCG is responsible for studying the comprehensive plan of the country transportation, with cooperation of the International company EGIS and many of the top world counselors.
Today HCG by relying on the quality, considerable attention and many experiences in developing Iran transportation industry has been known as an international, valid and deserving Consulting Engineers company in the middle East level.

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