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Friday, January 19, 2018


    Unique Business Opportunities Start your business in Iran reviewing our reports and analysis to make the best decision with lowest risk.


    Iran is World Third Largest Gas Producer with largest population in middle-east
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Thelandscape of Iran is diverse, providing a range of activities from hiking and skiing in the Alborz mountains, to beach holidays by the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. Over the next five years a number of tourism-friendly infrastructure projects will be undertaken on the Persian Gulf island of Kish, which at present attracts around 1m visitors per year, the majority of whom are Iranian.

Iran Mosque Ancient

Industry Subsectors

Of the more than 25 subsectors that make up the travel and tourism industry, three sectors – food services, air travel, and accommodations – account for more than 50 percent of total output.


 This subsector is the largest of the three and accounts for 19 percent of total travel industry output. Accommodations benefited from international overseas traveler growth of 7 percent in 2012. 

Food Services:

 This subsector is the second largest and accounts for more than 16 percent of travel and tourism-related output. The National Restaurant Association predicts 3.4 percent growth for the restaurant industry in 2015. 

Air Travel:

 This subsector accounts for nearly16 percent of travel industry output. Airlines continuously seek ways to increase revenue by offering access to new markets as they work to reduce costs and fuel consumption by grounding inefficient aircraft and scaling back unprofitable routes.

HCG Provides a valuable resource(e.g. IRAN HOTEL & HOSPITALITY REPORT) for players of this industry for investors, strategist, professionals and decision makers to get fimilier with the Iran hotel & hospitality industry, providing analysis and insight into the opportunities that this last frontier market has to offer to the travel and tourism industry. This report has been put together after 12 months of in depth research into the growth scenarios, challenges and developments taking place in the industry, and what the developers, investors, hotel operators, investment houses, family businesses and the broader stake holders in the hospitality industry can anticipate in this untapped market.  Some of the highlights you can anticipate in these 56 pages are: Why Invest in Iran's Hotel Industry? 

What Makes Iran the Most Interesting Future Tourism Destination, Government Priorities for the Travel & Tourism Sector, ForeignOwnership, Land & Property Rights, FDI & FIPPA, The Hospitality Lens, Industry Tax Incentives and Financing, Current &. Expected Tourism Statistics . 

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