Financial Advisory

Our efforts are guided by certain core beliefs about markets, diversification, and investment trade-offs, and decades of academic research inform these beliefs. 

We provide audit services where audit professionals deliver the service with high quality and excellence that are reliable and trusted by the financial community and public expect.

Within our nation wide network of auditors in Iran, we have robust audit tools, resources and procedures to provide the means for our professionals to deliver high-quality audit services. Through delivering these services we adhere to the highest standards of independence, professional objectivity, and technical excellence which comply with Iran accounting and audit standards. 

Our international audit approach is applied consistently around the world, while providing the flexibility to serve the unique circumstances and complexities of our clients. Our audit approach focuses on understanding the clients’ global business and control issues from the inside out. It combines a rigorous risk assessment, diagnostic processes, audit testing procedures as well as a continuous assessment of our clients’ service performance.

HCG offers a full suite of global equity and fixed income strategies to help advisors build comprehensive investment solutions for their clients. Our service model extends to other key areas of an advisor’s business and messaging needs.

We offer education, analytics tools, practice management support, networking opportunities, and other resources advisors can use to enhance their clients’ investment experience and grow their business. 

HCG’s team of regional advisors and client service specialists work closely with managers to match our capabilities to their needs.